14.09.2021 14:45 - 15:05
Pav. 7, 72С70

Smart Suit with Sensors and Mobile Platform to Increase the Effectiveness of Athletic Training

Project MyoFit is a smart suit with sensors and a mobile app to improve the efficiency of sports training. The suit includes a rachgard and tights (top and bottom) made of sports fabric, with IMU and EMG sensors and a central processing unit sewn in.

The user puts on the suit and trains, and the system (mobile app and algorithms on the server) in turn displays skeletal animations and muscle area tensions in the app. This allows the trainer to more fully understand the person's movements and give feedback. Also with more and more data - the neural network algorithms learn, and can give recommendations and a "third opinion" in the process of training. 

The main target segment is remote fitness training via video link.

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Bulat Aitbayev
Founder of MyoFit